The project

The concept is very powerful, but simple and straightforward. Teachers start a project by creating teams out of a list of students that are entered into the system. When students login into the platform, they will automatically see a list of projects that they are participating in, in their respective teams.

Teachers then enter project stages, and, for each stage, assignments, evaluations, contents or rubrics, all of which define the project. Assignments can be reviewed both by students and teachers, and every team has access to every single project entry from the other teams, so as to create a space for shared learning and collaboration.

Email and platform notifications help keep track of all that happens in the project, and, after its conclusion, elements can be selected for publication to a PDF that summarizes all that has been done.

The platform comes with several templates for product design, open-ended projects, research projects, science experiment, and many others. Teachers can save the structure of a project to be later he reused and download other templates from our website┬┤s repository of project templates from all over the world.