Fully customizable. Teachers can set up projects from scratch, including any stages and activities they wish, with full command of teams, assignments, deadlines and stages.

Built for collaboration. The platform allows all users in a project to visualize what other teams have developed, thus embodying one of the main principles of communities of innovation, crowdsourcing and cross feeding of ideas.

Formative assessment. At the core of the platform, assignments and evaluations can be reviewed and corrected indefinitely, as per rubrics which are also created within the platform, so as to improve based on teacher and peer feedback.

Self-assessment and peer assessment. Students cannot only self-assess and reflect on their own learning, but also provide feedback to other teams, as a built-in function.

Full multimedia contents. The platform allows for images, videos, and the embedding of any type of multimedia material, as well as text, with a blog type interface providing rich content creation capabilities.

Ease of use. Its simple, straightforward interface presents a clean and easy way to manage even the most complex of projects.

Professional collaboration. By creating templates out of projects that have been completed, teachers can indefinitely reuse and customize their project ideas, as well as sharing them with colleagues at the school, all of whom have access to these templates within the school based platform.

Instant publishing. Any project can be published with the touch of a button, selecting elements and stages to be included in a PDF that summarizes the project for editing and publication. Optionally, projects can also be submitted for our projects gallery, to be available on the web.

Always on. The platform is cloud based and can be accessed anywhere, from any device, without the need to download any apps.

Projects ready to go. The platform includes numerous templates for product design, research projects, academic projects, open-ended projects, science experiments, and many other project examples full with stages, assignments and rubrics, for teachers to select from and customize to their needs.

Projects Hub. Through our website, educators can post their projects and find partners to engage in joint projects with schools from different parts of the world, as well as download project templates created by other teachers in the online learning community.